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The way customers shop online is different from traditional retail experiences. Online customers have no way of touching or trying the products before purchasing. The right eCommerce packaging can, however, introduce a meaningful brand experience and loyalty as well as decrease overall marketing budgets.From start to finish, eCommerce packaging solutions must take shipping rates and durability into consideration. Designs must strike the balance between lowest cost, most durable and best experience.

eCommerce packaging is as compact as possible in order to reduce weight and shipping charges. As packages move from one post office to the next, durability becomes increasingly important to avoid damages or returns.

Finally, the unboxing moment is an opportunity that VNT creates to surprise and delight customers. Oftentimes, a delighted customer shares a good impression on social media, and that can become part of your overall marketing strategy.

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With a variety of products and packaging vendors spread out worldwide, Libby’s was looking for a new packaging partner to collaborate more effectively.

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